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The Process of Migrating LDTP to Our Testing ENV [Aug. 31st, 2006|05:09 pm]

Very thank for Nagappan and else people's help on migrating LDTP to our Testing System!

    Open-Source is Greatest !!

The latest LDTP has supported TCP feature to connect the embedded system like mobile phone, PDA and so forth.

I brief some of process of moving the LDTP:

  • Besides some common depended packages, we also need the following packages to compile LDTP in simulator:

        libidl, orbit, bonobo, libart, libgnomecanvas, gail, at-spi.

  • Download the latest LDTP from cvs, and run autogen.sh to get the configure file which generates Makefile and so on.

  • Run the compile and install command (jam is our default compile system: jam) under the scratchbox.

  • Before start our simulator, we can add the LDTP to init.sh to install ldtp as a server, also, we need to open
        accessibility technology in system starting.

  • The next step is writing our test cases by python language:)
        import ldtp